Most art is either entertainment or propaganda. Neither type of art is based on the truth. True art inspires the heart to remember its journey and offers a map for the perplexed soul.

A map is a device designed to enable passage from one place to another. Beholding a map, a person stands ready to enter liminal space, a temporary place one occupies during a passage.

When I make one of my signature panoramic photographs, I enter liminal space, and I return. The image I capture is akin to a map. It is designed to be more than a beautiful image. It is designed to illuminate a path.

I will give you an example. I once received an email from a physician working in a hospital. This person told me that it had become their practice to visit one of my images when they needed to settle difficult thoughts or feelings. To overcome a challenge. To pass through a difficult time.

A boon is not guaranteed to every viewer every time, but it is offered.

When I am not making photographs, I am with my family on Cape Cod. My wife and two young boys bring joy and balance to my life. We go on adventures. We stay at home. We have too many interests and passions and try to do it all!

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